Friday, May 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week at Kiley's school (and Rich, too...but God forbid a Middle Schooler be caught dead carrying his teacher an appreciation gift...) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Kiley is an absolute MESS, so this 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hamilton is deserving of tons more than any parent could ever give her. She has so much patience with Kiley, it is unbelievable! So after searching the blog world this week for a unique, homemade gift, I combined several ideas and came up with a little something. Mrs. Hamilton and her family of 2 adorable, cute, funny girls (this all according to Kiley) and husband enjoy vacationing at Disney World. (Duh! Who doesn't, right???) With that in mind, here is what Kiley delivered to her sweet teacher this morning:

I purchased a plain, black, 8x10 frame at Wal-Mart with a 5x7 mat. I printed the 'H' from my computer (can't remember the font, but it was a simple one on there and came with the polka dots already!) at size 450. Used 2 inch black with white polka dots grosgrain ribbon and hot glued to the mat. Used 1/4 inch red with white polka dots to frame the corners. Easy enough!

Now for the, I'm no bow maker. Never made a cute bow a day in my life! UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!! I am a (self proclaimed) Google Queen! My family makes fun of me when we don't know something, they'll say, "Mom will Google it!". So I "Googled" and found a website!!! What a great site! With their simple directions and great pictures (I'm a visual kinda gal!) I made a bow I'm still in awe of. They even show you how to layer them and create different types!! I'm a little impressed, can ya tell?

OK...I'm not looking for compliments, but comments on how I can do better next time! Also, any suggestions on what type of glue I should use to glue the bow to the frame?

~Just Jen

I'm linking up to my first party ever!!! I LOVE Shanty2Chic !!!

And also linked up to a new favorite blog...Under The Table And Dreaming..

I love blogs!!!

OK.....I have to confess......I am addicted to the blog world! I have a ton I follow in my google reader. I have a personal one for my family updates. I belong to a Crafternooners Club so I created a blog for that! Now I want to create yet another blog for things I create.

I love looking at other people's ideas and mixing them with my own.

And with THAT being said, I love the link up and show off parties and sometimes want to participate, but wasn't sure what blog to use. So when all else fails, CREATE A NEW BLOG.

But you must be warned: I have a crappy point and shoot digital camera. I craft in my dark kitchen (poor lighting). And I am no good with instructions and taking pictures as I go for a sort of tutorial.

As we go along, I'd love for you to follow my blog and give me lots of feedback! ;)

~Just Jen!