Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taggie Blanket

Before I knew how to use my sewing machine I wanted to make a Taggie Blanket.  And I finally had the NEED to make one...Baby Girl Baby Shower Gift!  And I am on the bandwagon of the pink and browns (as is the baby's momma).  My sister got me this adorable ribbon box that happens to be pink and brown...and I needed pink and brown I thought it only appropriate to use it for this project!  (I have a slight addiction to this is not anywhere near all of it, just most of my browns and pinks selections.)  THANK YOU TRICIA! 

I cut both the pink and brown material to a 19 inch square.  I'm such a novice 'seamstress' (ha ha!!) that I don't even know the name of the material I used.  It was super soft with little raised polka dots is all I know! 

Here are the ribbons I used.  Cut in 6 inch lengths.  I had such a variety that I only cut 4 of each and put 1 of each ribbon on each of the 4 sides of the taggie.

I actually folded over the ribbon and stitched it (totally not necessary!!!).  Then started pinning them order...with the wide pink with brown polka dot ribbon lined up in the center.  (Gotta love that OCD!)  Make sure you pin them down about an inch from the edge on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MATERIAL.  Of course, I put them on the wrong side when I made my 'prototype' mini one.  Lesson learned!  So make sure you pin them with the edges to the outside on the RIGHT SIDE of the material.

All pinned down and ready to add the 'back'.

Your ribbons will cross in the corners if you chose to go all the way to the corners.  It's ok. 
Pin down the backside.  I pinned about 1/2 inch from the edge.

Next, stitch all the way around leaving about 2-3 inches open so you can turn it in side out.

Remove your exposed pins (the ones pinning the back down).

Once that is complete, turn it right side out using this small opening.  BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL!  You will have lots of pins!!  Make sure you push all the corners out.  Remove all the pins...and admire your work!!!

And admire some more...

Then remember you have to stitch that little opening up that you used to turn it right side out.  I just folded in the material and did a straight stitch.  You can't even tell where it is!!!

Now, this is Just Jen's tutorial (or a shot at it!).  I got my basics from Chica and Jo.

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Just Jen's Attempt at Subway Art...sorta

Busy times those holidays are! I've attempted (with success) several new projects and want to share them within the next few weeks. First up is my stab at Subway Art. I must say, they look so simple and so easy to do. However it turned into a MULTI-DAY project. Mostly because I was too chicken to start. I had envisioned this 'art' with all my family's names on it to give to my parents for Christmas. My project was nothing what I originally planned. That is why my blog heading says "Inspired by others". I took my original idea to my friend/cousin Karen. Before I left her house I had totally redesigned it with her much needed and appreciated input.  Let me tell you about her most awesome tool, the Gypsy!  If you don't know about a Gypsy, let me tell you, it ROCKS!!  If you have multiple (more than my measly 5) Cricut cartridges, this tool is a must have.  She has tons of cartridges loaded on hers and it made our work a lot easier. (Thank you Karen!!!) Enough with the talk....lets get to the pictures!

Original plan - 2x8 cut to an 18 inch length painted brown. Off-white letters with everyone's name just listed going down the wood. Boring, right? Yes, you can agree with me. ;)

Ended up with a 14x18 artist canvas spray painted black, off-white names arranged all over the canvas with my parents names 'dyed' a little darker shade.

Here is my spray painted black canvas.

Here is my final layout.

Here it is with some Mod Podge drying on it. I just worked in sections.

Ta da! Here it is finished! The only thing I didn't do was put our family name on it! Duh! That is how we are all connected! Oh well. We all know what the family name is.

So listed are:
Parents - Bill and Kathie (married in 1968)
Me and siblings - Andrea, Jenny, Tricia, and Bill
In-laws - Keith, Michael, Chris, and Shana
Grandkids - Kabrina, Storri, Richard, Ashley, Kiley, Levi, and Weston

And the best are my parents checking it out after opening it!

Again, thanks to Karen for her use of the Gypsy with all the different fonts and styles.  I only duplicated a few fonts and that was only because I loved those!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

A fun ornament!

I needed a quick gift for my Crafternoon craft club. I had painted some blocks with the hopes of spelling out 'jingle' on them. Haven't gotten that far, so I swiped a red block; used my cricut to cut out the ho ho ho and the small snowflakes; a little Mod Podge; added a hook; then added the 'Wired Pine'* looped around (sorta like a wreath!) as the hangar. Outside of dry time....maybe a 5 minute project! And I absolutely loved it. Cost (this is the best part!) $0 as I had everything already on hand!

*I picked up these 'Wired Pine' at the Dollar Tree. They were next to the colored pipe cleaners. I think there are 12 in a package...all for $1! I wasn't sure what I'd ever use them for, but I couldn't pass them up. Glad I added them to my stash. I'm thinking maybe as box top decor for Christmas gifts.

~ Just Jen

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jumping on the Foam Christmas Tree Bandwagon

As my previous post read, I participated in a blog gift exchange. Here is what my giftee recieved...

Here is close up of the topper. Just a wooden finial that I painted Heirloom White and then rubbed it with brown acrylic paint. I have NEVER tried doing the whole glazing or glazing look before, but now I'm in love with it!

I wrapped the tree with almost 3 yards of this red trim, hot gluing it in spots as I went along. I orinigally tried hot gluing the top and the base, but switched over to Gorilla Glue when it didn't work. I even spray painted the jingle bells a taupe color and tied them on some jute.

I'll post the adorable gifts as soon as I can get my daughter looking halfway decent while wearing the crocheted scarf and head band. When she saw me open them, she said, "I call those!"

Another fun gift exchange (see previous post)!!!! Love those exchanges!!

Merry Christmas!!!

~ Just Jen

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another gift exchange....

Craftaholics Anonymous is hosting another gift exchange. (I like these...can ya tell???) Now, I must confess I'm a little late getting mine in the mail to my exchangee. But...what can I say?

Here are pictures of it all wrapped up! I'll share pictures of the actual gift once she receives it.

And check out this tape I got at Michael's on Thanksgiving evening in the $1 bin! Cute, cute, cute!!!


Until next time.........take time to enjoy this Season. Merry Christmas all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Merry Christmas....TO ME!!!

I joined a Christmas In July Gift Exchange at Craftaholics Anonymous! The lady gifting me was Teresa from Its A Good Day. She makes beautiful hand made cards. I recieved several cards, some tags, and a ribbon / button bookmark (ribbons and favorites!!!).

Thank you, Teresa! I love them!!

Unfortunately....the lady I sent my gift to, Ashley, recieved hers a little today...or tomorrow...soon I hope!! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Summer Fun Exchange!!!

Just emailed Texas Darlings my flip flop info! Hope you check her blog out and do the same!

The Texas Darlings

~Just Jen

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I was featured!!

For the very first time ever....WOO HOO!
This gives me inspiration to blog more....and to craft more!!

Thanks, Veronica!

~Just Jen

Friday, May 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week at Kiley's school (and Rich, too...but God forbid a Middle Schooler be caught dead carrying his teacher an appreciation gift...) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Kiley is an absolute MESS, so this 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hamilton is deserving of tons more than any parent could ever give her. She has so much patience with Kiley, it is unbelievable! So after searching the blog world this week for a unique, homemade gift, I combined several ideas and came up with a little something. Mrs. Hamilton and her family of 2 adorable, cute, funny girls (this all according to Kiley) and husband enjoy vacationing at Disney World. (Duh! Who doesn't, right???) With that in mind, here is what Kiley delivered to her sweet teacher this morning:

I purchased a plain, black, 8x10 frame at Wal-Mart with a 5x7 mat. I printed the 'H' from my computer (can't remember the font, but it was a simple one on there and came with the polka dots already!) at size 450. Used 2 inch black with white polka dots grosgrain ribbon and hot glued to the mat. Used 1/4 inch red with white polka dots to frame the corners. Easy enough!

Now for the, I'm no bow maker. Never made a cute bow a day in my life! UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!! I am a (self proclaimed) Google Queen! My family makes fun of me when we don't know something, they'll say, "Mom will Google it!". So I "Googled" and found a website!!! What a great site! With their simple directions and great pictures (I'm a visual kinda gal!) I made a bow I'm still in awe of. They even show you how to layer them and create different types!! I'm a little impressed, can ya tell?

OK...I'm not looking for compliments, but comments on how I can do better next time! Also, any suggestions on what type of glue I should use to glue the bow to the frame?

~Just Jen

I'm linking up to my first party ever!!! I LOVE Shanty2Chic !!!

And also linked up to a new favorite blog...Under The Table And Dreaming..

I love blogs!!!

OK.....I have to confess......I am addicted to the blog world! I have a ton I follow in my google reader. I have a personal one for my family updates. I belong to a Crafternooners Club so I created a blog for that! Now I want to create yet another blog for things I create.

I love looking at other people's ideas and mixing them with my own.

And with THAT being said, I love the link up and show off parties and sometimes want to participate, but wasn't sure what blog to use. So when all else fails, CREATE A NEW BLOG.

But you must be warned: I have a crappy point and shoot digital camera. I craft in my dark kitchen (poor lighting). And I am no good with instructions and taking pictures as I go for a sort of tutorial.

As we go along, I'd love for you to follow my blog and give me lots of feedback! ;)

~Just Jen!