Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Jen's Attempt at Subway Art...sorta

Busy times those holidays are! I've attempted (with success) several new projects and want to share them within the next few weeks. First up is my stab at Subway Art. I must say, they look so simple and so easy to do. However it turned into a MULTI-DAY project. Mostly because I was too chicken to start. I had envisioned this 'art' with all my family's names on it to give to my parents for Christmas. My project was nothing what I originally planned. That is why my blog heading says "Inspired by others". I took my original idea to my friend/cousin Karen. Before I left her house I had totally redesigned it with her much needed and appreciated input.  Let me tell you about her most awesome tool, the Gypsy!  If you don't know about a Gypsy, let me tell you, it ROCKS!!  If you have multiple (more than my measly 5) Cricut cartridges, this tool is a must have.  She has tons of cartridges loaded on hers and it made our work a lot easier. (Thank you Karen!!!) Enough with the talk....lets get to the pictures!

Original plan - 2x8 cut to an 18 inch length painted brown. Off-white letters with everyone's name just listed going down the wood. Boring, right? Yes, you can agree with me. ;)

Ended up with a 14x18 artist canvas spray painted black, off-white names arranged all over the canvas with my parents names 'dyed' a little darker shade.

Here is my spray painted black canvas.

Here is my final layout.

Here it is with some Mod Podge drying on it. I just worked in sections.

Ta da! Here it is finished! The only thing I didn't do was put our family name on it! Duh! That is how we are all connected! Oh well. We all know what the family name is.

So listed are:
Parents - Bill and Kathie (married in 1968)
Me and siblings - Andrea, Jenny, Tricia, and Bill
In-laws - Keith, Michael, Chris, and Shana
Grandkids - Kabrina, Storri, Richard, Ashley, Kiley, Levi, and Weston

And the best are my parents checking it out after opening it!

Again, thanks to Karen for her use of the Gypsy with all the different fonts and styles.  I only duplicated a few fonts and that was only because I loved those!

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