Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taggie Blanket

Before I knew how to use my sewing machine I wanted to make a Taggie Blanket.  And I finally had the NEED to make one...Baby Girl Baby Shower Gift!  And I am on the bandwagon of the pink and browns (as is the baby's momma).  My sister got me this adorable ribbon box that happens to be pink and brown...and I needed pink and brown I thought it only appropriate to use it for this project!  (I have a slight addiction to this is not anywhere near all of it, just most of my browns and pinks selections.)  THANK YOU TRICIA! 

I cut both the pink and brown material to a 19 inch square.  I'm such a novice 'seamstress' (ha ha!!) that I don't even know the name of the material I used.  It was super soft with little raised polka dots is all I know! 

Here are the ribbons I used.  Cut in 6 inch lengths.  I had such a variety that I only cut 4 of each and put 1 of each ribbon on each of the 4 sides of the taggie.

I actually folded over the ribbon and stitched it (totally not necessary!!!).  Then started pinning them order...with the wide pink with brown polka dot ribbon lined up in the center.  (Gotta love that OCD!)  Make sure you pin them down about an inch from the edge on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MATERIAL.  Of course, I put them on the wrong side when I made my 'prototype' mini one.  Lesson learned!  So make sure you pin them with the edges to the outside on the RIGHT SIDE of the material.

All pinned down and ready to add the 'back'.

Your ribbons will cross in the corners if you chose to go all the way to the corners.  It's ok. 
Pin down the backside.  I pinned about 1/2 inch from the edge.

Next, stitch all the way around leaving about 2-3 inches open so you can turn it in side out.

Remove your exposed pins (the ones pinning the back down).

Once that is complete, turn it right side out using this small opening.  BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL!  You will have lots of pins!!  Make sure you push all the corners out.  Remove all the pins...and admire your work!!!

And admire some more...

Then remember you have to stitch that little opening up that you used to turn it right side out.  I just folded in the material and did a straight stitch.  You can't even tell where it is!!!

Now, this is Just Jen's tutorial (or a shot at it!).  I got my basics from Chica and Jo.

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